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Brand: Passii

Sale and Purchase Terms & Conditions.

Sell With Passii Process

Pack your items

Passii will book the delievery within 48 hours or on the date you wish to send the items.

Please make sure your package is ready to be collected.

Confirm quotation

Passii will process and send the quotation to your email within 5 working days.

Confirm sales report & get paid

After 45 days of consignment. Passii will send the sales report via email and process the payment within 14 working days upon your confirmation.

Before proceeding with your checkout, please ensure that you are aware of the following:

a. We have three (2) consignment options available:

(1) With Assurance (additional 100,000 VND): Opt for this choice if you want to reclaim any remaining or rejected items after consignment. Delivery fee is not included.

(2) Without Assurance (0d fee): If you don't want to receive the old clothes back, you can choose to donate them to Passii. We will find new homes for them even after the consignment period ends. There is no extra fee for this option.

b. You will receive a quotation within 5 working days (excluding weekends and holidays). Please note that the "Amount" mentioned in the quotation refers to the money you will receive when the item is sold, not the sales price of the items.

c. Passii will only list your items for sale on the website after receiving your confirmation of the quotation. Feel free to provide Passii with your suggestions regarding pricing or the amount you wish to receive for each item within the 48-hour adjustment window.

d. Payment:

Passii has three (3) payment options available

(1) Cash (via bank transfer): Passii will process payment within 14 working days (excluding weekends and holidays) after receiving your confirmation on the Billing Passii sent via email. The 14-day window allows Passii to handle any returns that may occur after the Billing is sent to you as the seller.

(2) Shopping credit (Passii Xu): In the case you choose to be paid in Passii Xu instead of cash, you will get an extra 30% of the total you see on the Bill. For example: If your Earning is 1.000.000 VND in cash, you will receive 1.300.000 VND in Passii Xu. Passii will process payment within 48 hours for Passii Xu option.

(3) Donation: 

  • Passii will promptly donate 100.000VND for the organization of your choice among our Charity Partner for each Sell With Passii order of yours. You will not receive a payout for items in your Donation Kit.
  • Passii will make the Donation to our Charity Partners on the 15 of every month. Passii is responsible to provide proof of donation to you via email once the donation is made and the Charity Partners issue receipt of donation.

e. Selling fees

We calculate the earning for items as follows:

Initial Item sale price  ​ ​ ​ ​  ​           You receive
Less than 160,000VND              ​ ​ ​​​​ 25%
From 160,000VND - 300,000VND                   ​30%
From 301,000VND -  549,000VND          ​ ​ ​35%
From 550,000VND - 1,089,000VND  ​ ​ ​​ 40%
From 1,090,000VND - 1,759,000VND  ​ ​ ​45%
From 1,760,000 - 2,999,000VND  ​ ​ ​​​ 50%
From 3,000,000VND - 4,099,000VND  ​ ​ ​55%
From 4,100,000VND - 6,929,000VND ​ ​ ​ 65%
Above 6,930,000VND  ​ ​ ​ ​ ​​​​ 70%

  • You will never be charged (or receive credit) for items that do not sell.
  • We will declare the amount you will receive on each item when sold in the Draft Quotation(s).
  • Your earning amount will not be affected when there is any change in the sales price when the items are listed on our platform meaning if there is a discount on your listed item, your earning remains the same.

f. After completing your purchase of the Sell With Passii service, please remember to check your email, including your Spam folder, for the Confirmation Email. Inside, you will find your unique Order Code. It is important to label your package with this code so that Passii can easily identify it. In case of any issues during shipping or if you forget to label your order, we kindly request that you take a picture of your package for future reference.

g. Ensure that your items are properly packed and that your contact number is reachable. This will allow the delivery personnel to efficiently collect your package.

h. By proceeding with the checkout process and requesting the Sell With Passii Service, you acknowledge and agree to abide by Passii's Terms & Conditions.

Learn more about our Consignment Program here or go to FAQs if you have questions