Hello, I'm Passii

The only dress worth buying is  the Passiible dress

Passi understands that each garment needs to be cherished with love because love is the only thing that lasts through time.

About Passii

Next-Gen Branded Fashion Resales

Passii is leading a paradigm shift in shopping towards sustainable fashion practices by promoting "pre-loved" as the new norm, helping users earn and save money while preserving natural resources

Circular fashion done right

In Vietnam, we are proud to be a leading brand that actively transforms consumer mindsets through our commercial and educational activities, fostering a circular mindset in the value chain. 

A collective of eco-chic fashion enthusiats

Passii also takes pride in empowering the community of MÊ ĐỒ SI ĐA with a shared mission of building a new generation with the habit of buying pre-loved items, because there is no Planet B for all of us.

Introducing the Passii.vn e-commerce channel!

Passii swiftly transitioned into a data-driven digital company within a year of the last lockdown order, effectively navigating the post-pandemic market and connecting with stakeholders. Its e-commerce operations now leverage a robust data system to optimize pricing, payment, and product classification, enhancing the online shopping experience for second-hand clothes.

New Year, New Vision

Coco Dressing Room has become Passii. The new brand name and identity are the first steps in CDR's transformation journey to become the largest online consignment fashion platform in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, aiming to break the context of fashion retail through our sustainable fashion consumption services.

Passii quickly recovered from the pandemic and continued to promote second-hand fashion, breaking shopping stereotypes. We offer celebrity and influencer wardrobes, spreading the message of sustainability and exciting shopping experiences.


The third wave of Covid-19 hit hard. Social distancing policies were enforced, limiting gatherings to 6 people. Coco Dressing Room's showroom, located in a 'red zone' coffee shop, faced closure. With a reduced team of 3, we worked tirelessly to maintain shipping operations. Shifting sales online, we discovered support from customers outside Ho Chi Minh City, helping us survive.The fourth wave of Covid-19 brought a 9-month lockdown, forcing us to suspend operations.

Thanks to our resilient business model and stakeholder support, we overcame this challenging period. It also allowed us to develop a new business strategy and explore new opportunities.


During the first wave of Covid-19, Coco Dressing Room launched Mê Đồ Si Đa - a community group supporting vintage clothing lovers and second-hand store owners. The group quickly grew to 8,000 members in its first month and now has nearly 80,000 active members. 

After the second wave of Covid-19, in a celebratory atmosphere of freedom, we opened our first mini showroom at the end of the year, marking a promising start for Coco Dressing Room's vintage business model and sustainable fashion.


The company launched Coco Dressing Room with 5 million Vietnamese dong, offering personalized services for women to buy and sell second-hand clothes. It quickly became popular for its high-quality and affordable fashion options.



Passii was born from a simple question: What if the founder had $500,000 to start her own fashion retail business? This led to the development of a 60-page business plan for an online consignment clothing company in Vietnam, with the goal of empowering women and creating a brighter future.