You can send a request to exchange or return the product within 24 hours from the time you receive it. Passii will calculate this 24-hour period based on the time the delivery unit notifies that the order has been successfully delivered. Please note that Passii will not process exchange or return requests sent to Passii after the specified time frame.

Cash Refunds

Passii refunds in cash for the value of the product and the return shipping fee in the following cases:

  • If the product information received is not consistent with the information Passii posted on the website.
  • If the product has one or more of the following issues:
    • The product is frayed.
    • The product is torn.
    • The product sheds.
    • The product is discolored.
    • The product shrinks/stretches.
    • The product's zipper is broken.
    • The product's belt is missing.
    • The product has other damaged/missing details (attachments, bows, buttons).
    • The product is stained and cannot be washed.
    • The product's color is faded/yellowed.
    • The product is scratched.
    • The product's authenticity cannot be determined.

Credit Refunds

Passii refunds Passii Xu equivalent to the value of the products you want to exchange (excluding the return shipping fee) in the following cases:

  • If you want to exchange or return for other reasons not mentioned above.

To return a product, please follow these steps


Step 1: Within 24 hours of receiving the product, please notify Passii through the form below    or email (directly reply to the email address that sent you the invoice).

Phân cách địa chỉ email bằng dấu phẩy.

Step 2: Send the product back to Passii at the address provided by Passii after receiving the exchange/return request.

Step 3: After receiving the product, Passii will check for product defects to compare with the reason for the exchange/return. Passii will refund you in cash or Passii Xu within 10 working days after receiving the product and checking the condition of the product matches the exchange/return reason.