Let's learn more about the girl with a creative fashion sense

Trần Thục Nhi, although only joining the Vintage Fashion community earlier this year, has quickly become a prominent figure in the group with her vintage-inspired outfits. Her passion for elegant and glamorous Western costumes from old Hollywood stars has led Thuc Nhi down the path of collecting vintage fashion. As Nhi describes her thrift store, "I am just a dream peddler, a weaver of longing, a matchmaker for old dresses that find their way into the hands of respectable ladies.

From the meticulously arranged settings, angles, and lighting in her photos, it's no surprise to learn that Nhi is very meticulous in choosing her clothes. She sets a certain standard, only buying items that fit her taste, have collectible value, or come from a famous brand. Therefore, although Nhi's style is not new, her outfits always leave a lasting impression and have a unique color that cannot be mixed with others. Let's explore with Passii how Thuc Nhi builds her own style.

Hello Nhi. Please introduce yourself in your own way.​

Your father's name is Tran Thuc Nhi, and people used to ask if your parents liked Chinese martial arts movies because of the similarity in name. It turns out that it's true - your father is a martial arts master, so your mother named you after the same spirit as your father's martial arts.

Currently, you are doing two jobs, running a vintage fashion business and providing interior design consulting at an architectural firm. Both have a common goal of beautifying life, and that is also your special interest.

What are Nhi's favorite fashion items? Does Nhi have any story about a particular favorite item?

You have many favorite items, so it's difficult to choose the most favorite one. How about gloves? A classic lady cannot be without gloves. Perhaps, because you are an introverted person, wearing gloves makes you feel safe. Whenever you finish dressing up, you become a different and better version of yourself - strong, proud, and full of confidence. But behind that appearance, you are still a fragile girl with a tender heart. Therefore, when your body is carefully equipped, leaving your hands empty seems to reveal a weakness. To conceal that, gloves become the last weapon to complete your armor.

What is Nhi's favorite fashion brand?

If I have to name a brand, I want to give praise to Christian Dior. In 1947, he revolutionized the fashion industry and set the standard for elegance for women worldwide. With his genius eyes and magical hands, he brought magic to life and turned every fashion show into a palace like in One Thousand and One Nights. Christian Dior's designs have eternal beauty that leaves people breathless in its radiance. Even someone who is difficult to impress like me is still in awe of this legendary designer. Since his passing, I have been most impressed by the house under the eras of Yves Saint Laurent and John Galliano.

What/who influences Nhi's style? Where does Nhi usually find inspiration?

The classic style is so attached to me as if I was born to be like this. Since I was young, I have lived in an ancient house full of memories, and my childhood was filled with classic works, so that old world has deeply embedded in my subconscious mind. I have an old soul and do not like to become like everyone else, so when the times are changing, I still remain faithful to the style that I have been passionate about since the beginning. I do not have the habit of imitating idols; I choose clothes based on my personality. If I find them suitable, I will buy them. Sometimes, I even get inspiration for outfit combinations from movies or paintings.

​Do you have any experience in buying/selling second-hand items that you would like to share?

It is understandable that sometimes you may like certain clothes, but when you wear them, you feel like a different person, and it makes you uncomfortable. To feel more confident in what you wear, it is essential to choose clothes that match your personality and make you feel comfortable. You can experiment with different styles and find what suits you best. Also, paying attention to the fit of the clothes is crucial. Clothes that fit well will make you feel comfortable and confident. Accessorizing can also help enhance your confidence by adding a personal touch to your outfit. In the end, the key is to wear what makes you feel good and confident in your own skin.

I understand that you do not want to become a lifeless outfit, nor do you want to force yourself to change to fit the clothes. Remember that you play with clothes, not the other way around. Do not turn yourself into a slave to fashion. Even when you sell clothes, you always advise your customers to only buy what truly suits them. No matter how beautiful or appealing something is, if it does not fit you, buying it is like falling in love with someone who does not belong to you.

Thank you for sharing, Thục Nhi. 

#passiipeople is a series that introduces individuals with unique fashion styles and lifestyles that Passii admires through interviews conducted by the Passii team. They come from various fields but share a passion for fashion and a concern for the sustainable development of fashion in Vietnam. Passii launched this series with the aim of inspiring people to dress beautifully and elegantly. If you know any interesting individuals (or if it's you) that fits this description, don't hesitate to let Passii know via email at

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Let's find out more about the girl with a great love for vintage clothes