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Kimmie Tran, also known as Phi, is a girl full of surprises. Born in 1997, Phi is currently in charge of PR & Community for a local fashion brand. In addition, she also takes photos and works as a freelance visual merchandiser. Despite her sweet and gentle appearance, few people know that she has been working since a very young age. Phi realized her strong passion for fashion when she was in 12th grade, and always wished she could finish school quickly so she could start working in the fashion industry.

There was a time when Phi worked a full-time job at a men's clothing brand during the day and worked in nightlife in the evenings to pursue her passion and support herself. However, Passii has never seen her without a radiant smile on her face since they first met (Phi has been a customer of Passii since its early days). In addition to her positive spirit and shining personality, Passii is also impressed by Phi's ability to see the "potential" in a seemingly simple piece of clothing. This ability, combined with her self-awareness, allows Phi's outfits to have a vintage touch without being outdated or forced, creating an unforgettable vintage style that is uniquely Kimmie.

Hello Phi. Please introduce yourself in your own way.​

Hello, I'm Phi, and people often call me Kimmie. I'm just an ordinary girl who likes to do what I love, and I have a huge love for second-hand items.

What are Phi's favorite fashion items (leather, linen, maxi, 70s, disco, etc.)? Does Phi have any story about a particular favorite item?

When it comes to Phi's favorite items, she chooses according to the season, such as linen for summer and a jacket for colder seasons. However, the most important thing for Phi is to find a style that suits her, which is a blend of classic and edgy elements. On lazy days, a linen dress or basic outfit paired with accessories such as a scarf can still make her look like a fashionista.

What is Phi's favorite fashion brand?

Three years ago, Phi used to like cute little brands, but now they seem outdated. She now prefers sustainable fashion brands that prioritize environmental protection, and Passii is one of her favorite second-hand clothing brands. Currently in Saigon, Phi hasn't seen many popular second-hand clothing brands, so whenever she needs to add something to her wardrobe, she always turns to Passii in the last two years.

What/who influences Phi's style? Where does Phi usually find inspiration?

In fact, when Phi was young, her family couldn't afford to buy new clothes for Tet, so her mother would buy black clothes in bulk and say, "Whoever can find something that fits, wear it." This experience has influenced Phi's fashion sense ever since. 

In addition, Phi draws a lot of inspiration from classic figures such as Princess Diana and Audrey Hepburn, who embody simple yet classic styles.

To be more specific, about three years ago while scrolling through her Facebook newsfeed, Phi came across a post from a woman named Thu Vu selling a woven bag with some pom-poms attached. Thu Vu had a stylish fashionista-like look that caught Phi's attention. After browsing through Thu's Facebook profile and becoming mesmerized, Phi started following her and connecting with fashion communities. As a result, Phi's fashion sense has improved significantly.

​Do you have any experience in buying/selling second-hand items that you would like to share?

Phi doesn't have much shopping experience, but when she does shop, she usually does so for two reasons. Firstly, to buy a piece of clothing that she doesn't already have in her wardrobe. Secondly, to buy a quality basic item that she can use for a long time to avoid waste and additional environmental pollution. Phi advises that if you have clothes that you don't wear, it's best to find a consignment shop to sell them rather than throwing them away.

When did Phi start to love second-hand items?​

Phi has loved second-hand items since she was a child, and as she grew up, she learned to buy them on her own. She asked her mother where to buy second-hand items and went on to hunt for each item that she loved on her own.

If you could choose to wear one brand for the rest of your life, what brand would Phi choose to wear?

Currently, Phi is only fond of the second-hand clothing brand Passii, as she is quite picky and few other brands appeal to her.

The secret to taking care of clothes in general that Phi thinks everyone should know.

As Phi mentioned earlier, if you have clothes that you don't wear anymore, don't throw them away because there are still many people who need them. You can find a consignment shop to sell them or donate them to children in remote areas who are in need of them.

Thank you for sharing, Phi.

#passiipeople is a series that introduces individuals with unique fashion styles and lifestyles that Passii admires through interviews conducted by the Passii team. They come from various fields but share a passion for fashion and a concern for the sustainable development of fashion in Vietnam. Passii launched this series with the aim of inspiring people to dress beautifully and elegantly. If you know any interesting individuals (or if it's you) that fits this description, don't hesitate to let Passii know via email at

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