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For those who love indie music, Cheung (Bao Khanh) is a well-known name, especially for those who enjoy the lively rhythms of jazz. Cheung's sweet, distinctive vocals have made the song "Hoang Hon" a national hit. In addition to her beautiful voice, Cheung's fashion sense is also impressive. A conversation with Cheung is like a journey through the deep ocean, full of surprises and depth. This girl with a somewhat shy appearance brings a lot of interesting things to the table.

Unlike Passii's imagination, Cheung not only has a passion for music but also thinks deeply about social issues. Cheung shared that when she witnesses what is happening around her every day, and sees urban children having fewer and fewer playgrounds, she wishes to have the opportunity to pursue an educational career so that more children can have a childhood full of beautiful memories, like she once did.

Regarding clothing, Cheung shared that choosing second-hand clothing comes naturally to her because her mother taught her from a young age how to find beautiful, unique, and rare items without spending too much money on them. Even now, though her finances allow her to have more options when shopping for clothes, second-hand clothing is still her top choice. For Cheung, vintage items always carry many stories and memories, and those stories are something that money cannot buy.

Hello Cheung, could you introduce yourself a bit to Passii's readers?

Hello everyone, I'm Cheung. Cheung's real name is Khánh, which means "bell" in Chinese. The Truong family name in the Quang language is pronounced Cheung in Vietnamese, which sounds similar to "bell," so Cheung uses this unique name as a nickname for herself. The main reason is to ensure that whoever remembers her has a purpose for doing so.

​What is Cheung's favorite fashion item? Does she have a story behind this special item of clothing?

Cheung's favorite fashion items are probably "her mother's clothes." Cheung's aunts and mother have a great sense of fashion, so even though she didn't intentionally do so, perhaps because she used to rummage through her mother's wardrobe when she was young, Cheung has a taste for classic, vintage fashion with a 70s vibe.

What is Cheung's favorite fashion brand?

Cheung especially likes Dior after reading about the biography of Christian Dior around 2017. Since then, she has discovered his creative mindset and has loved Dior from then until now.​

What/who influences Cheung's style? Where does Cheung usually find inspiration?

Cheung's aunts and mother were probably the quintessential muses, having been influenced by their grandfather's knowledge and love for French culture. In addition to her grandmother, a proper Vietnamese woman who was skilled in everything from cooking to embroidery, Cheung understood that fashion would be associated with the activities and places she frequented. This has been her guiding principle in choosing her wardrobe until now.

​When did Cheung start loving second-hand clothing?

Perhaps it was when Cheung inherited all the beautiful clothes from her older siblings and cousins when they grew up or went abroad to study. This is when she started loving second-hand clothing.

Does Cheung have any shopping/business experience with second-hand items that she would like to share?

For second-hand items, there are countless things to say, but for Cheung, she chooses them for the fit and the environmental benefits that come with recycling. We also need to equip ourselves with knowledge about materials to be able to choose sustainable materials and distinguish between them, or reuse clothing to avoid releasing too much "fashion waste" into the environment.

If Cheung could wear one fashion brand for the rest of her life, which brand would she choose?

Certainly it would be Dior, *laughs*.

Can Cheung share some tips for taking care of clothes in general that she thinks everyone should know?

Drying clothes under direct sunlight helps them dry quickly and kills bacteria, but drying clothes under the sun for too long can make the fabric brittle, cause clothes to wrinkle or fade. Cheung usually dries her clothes under direct sunlight for about 30-45 minutes (between 10am-12pm) when the sun is strong and then moves them to a shaded area until they cool down before folding or hanging them in the closet. This way, the clothes dry quickly, smell fresh, and kill bacteria without making the clothes wear out quickly.

Thank you for sharing, Cheung Bảo Khánh.

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