Let's explore the girl resembling a Hong Kong star with Passii.

"If she were a color, Liên would be red. She loves the classic Hong Kong red color, which is special and eye-catching, nostalgic yet bright."

For a period of time, social media and online newspaper were full of the bright smile of the "beautiful girl from Nha Trang" with a Hong Kong movie star-like charisma - Bách Liên. With her sharp features, high nose, and radiant smile like the sunrise, it's hard to take your eyes off her no matter which angle you look at her. Especially, Bach Lien also caused a stir in the Me Do Si Da community [group link] with images of second-hand clothes combined into classic movie-like outfits, but still carrying a modern spirit, easily applicable to daily life events. Impressed by the young lady, the Passii team decided to do an interview with Bach Lien to introduce her in their Passii People series."

Introducing herself, Bách Liên considers herself as a "twenty-five-year-old who hasn't fully grown up yet." It is true that there is a fresh and pure energy in Lien that is very "youthful".

Hello, Liên. What is your favorite fashion item? Do you have any story behind this special item?​

Liên has a special love for button-up shirts with a 90s Hong Kong vibe. These shirts are filled with memories of her mother and grandmother's youth. Looking at old photos of her mother or reminiscing about her childhood memories of being fascinated by the buttons on the shirts, the memories rush back. Additionally, the beautiful shirt form makes her feel particularly special when she wears them. Liên is particularly fond of the movies of Stephen Chow and Hong Kong movie stars, and their fashion is an endless source of inspiration for her. She is always drawn to their beauty and exquisite taste in fashion.​

What is a fashion brand that you really like, and why?

 Liên loves Mập Thôn Village very much, which is also the origin of her following this style. Before that, Liên just liked it but had not really tried it on and did not feel that she loved it so much. It was by chance that she liked the style of a lady, and later discovered that she was a stylist for Mập Thôn Village. After clicking to view, she was completely captivated because the shop mixes clothes in a unique and eye-catching way. She bought some clothes to try on and only then realized that they were second-hand clothes. They were just button-up shirts, but they were much more outstanding than new clothes, with beautiful details and forms. She began to explore and love it since then. In addition, she also loves the brand MINJUKIM, which is excellent! 

The first second-hand shirt Liên bought was two years ago. After taking pictures, she received many cute comments and was praised by everyone for looking like Hong Kong movie stars. This made her even more interested in this style and started to mix clothes in her own unique way. Movies also have a significant influence on her current style, and she has gained more experience in dressing beautifully without being too complicated. What she focuses on the most is how to wear vintage clothes without looking too old-fashioned, and how to mix them to look special and youthful.

Does Liên have any experience in buying/selling second-hand items that she would like to share?

​Be a smart consumer. In the past, I used to buy whatever I liked, because second-hand items are often cheaper, so I bought a lot without much consideration for their usefulness. I ended up with a closet full of clothes, but when it came time to go out, I felt like I had nothing to wear. I realized that I had spent a lot of money on things I didn't really need just because they were cheap. So, I learned from that experience and started to focus on buying items that are practical, essential, and can be mixed and matched with other pieces. I think carefully about what I can pair with the items before I buy them.

Thank you for sharing, Bách Liên.

#passiipeople is a series that introduces individuals with unique fashion styles and lifestyles that Passii admires through interviews conducted by the Passii team. They come from various fields but share a passion for fashion and a concern for the sustainable development of fashion in Vietnam. Passii launched this series with the aim of inspiring people to dress beautifully and elegantly. If you know any interesting individuals (or if it's you) that fits this description, don't hesitate to let Passii know via email at hello@cdrjsc.com

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