The only dress worth buying is the Passiible dress.

At Passii, we understand that all clothes need to be nurtured with love because love is the only thing that lasts through time.

Next-Gen Branded Fashion Resales

Passii is leading a paradigm shift in shopping towards sustainable fashion practices by promoting "pre-loved" as the new norm, helping users earn and save money while preserving natural resources

Circular fashion done right

A closed-loop system requires collaborative efforts from all parties in the value chain and, most importantly, a circular mindset from consumers. We are proud to be one of the leading brands in Vietnam recognized for transforming consumers' mindsets through our commercial and educational activities.

A collective of eco-chic fashion enthusiats

 Passii also takes pride in empowering the community of 
MÊ ĐỒ SI ĐA with a shared mission of building a new generation with the habit of buying pre-loved items, because there is no Planet B for all of us.

Passii was founded with the goal of becoming a safe and professional platform for women to buy and sell pre-loved clothes. Starting in 2019 with just three racks of clothes and a garage sale, Passii has now grown into an e-commerce platform with a strong dedication to its Vietnamese customers. From day one, sustainability and accessibility have been core values in our business operations. Passii is run by a team of innovative and creative individuals who enjoy taking on difficult challenges.

Passii is a generation of conscious shoppers

"When asked what my fashion brand will look like, I don't have a specific image in mind, but I'm sure that women don't need more products, they need a solution."

Our Products 


Passii originated from a question that troubled the founder: what if she had half a million dollars to start her own fashion retail plan? Then, a 60-page business plan for an online consignment clothing company in Vietnam was outlined. She  was and still is sure that it is what she and women like her need to strive for a better future.


The company started its first business venture with 5 million Vietnamese dong (about 200 US dollars) based on the business plan written at that time. It was called Coco Dressing Room - a place that provides personalized services for women to sell and buy second-hand clothes.


Coco Dressing Room was the first consignment fashion brand to apply the pop-up sales model. Through word-of-mouth, Coco Dressing Room became a popular destination for women seeking high-quality clothing while being mindful of their finances and the environment.


Coco Dressing Room had the opportunity to collaborate with the first celebrity when the fashion icon Hồ Ngọc Hà contacted them to sell over 1,000 items. This deal not only established Coco Dressing Room as a leading consignment fashion brand but also shattered stereotypes around buying second-hand clothes.


The first wave of Covid-19 hit.

Amid the turmoil and uncertainty, Coco Dressing Room launched Mê Đồ Si Đa - a community group that supports and empowers people who love vintage clothing and second-hand store owners. The group quickly gained over 8,000 members in its first month and now has nearly 80,000 active members.


Lthe second wave of Covid-19 arrived.

At the end of the year, we opened our first mini showroom in a celebratory atmosphere of freedom thanks to the Vietnamese government's effective management of the coronavirus spread. With a modest start and the need to move from place to place, the new showroom was a promising start for Coco Dressing Room's vintage business model and sustainable fashion in general.


The third wave of Covid-19 arrived.

The government implemented social distancing policies that prohibited gatherings of more than 6 people in one place. Many businesses had to close, and the retail industry was heavily impacted. Coco Dressing Room's showroom was located in a coffee shop/restaurant in the 'red zone,' so going to work at that time felt like the end of the world. Our team was reduced to just 3 people and had to work day and night to maintain shipping operations. We shifted all sales activities online, which had never happened before. This also meant that one person had to work as if they were three people. The most valuable thing we learned from this experience is that our followers from outside Ho Chi Minh City finally started buying from us. Their support during difficult times helped us survive.


The fourth wave of Covid-19 arrived.

This was the most complex and rigorous phase with a strict 9-month lockdown order. Like all other businesses, we had to suspend our operations during this time. Thanks to our lean business model and the support of various stakeholders, we were able to overcome another challenging period that lasted longer than we expected. Additionally, during this time, a new business strategy and prospect were formed.


New Year, New Vision

Coco Dressing Room has become Passii. The new brand name and identity are the first steps in CDR's transformation journey to become the largest online consignment fashion platform in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, aiming to break the context of fashion retail through our sustainable fashion consumption services.

Passii includes 'pass do' and 'đồ si', and we often say that the last letter 'i' is infinite, but the truth is we had to add an extra 'i' because our previous name was already taken :p


Passii did not take much time to recover back to the pre-pandemic speed as we remained consistent in delivering our services and message in the form of reselling fashion with the goal of breaking stereotypes about shopping for second-hand clothes.

Passii has become a destination where you can shop for the most coveted wardrobes from top celebrities and influencers. Collaborations with big names have helped spread the message about shopping for second-hand clothes, reducing the carbon footprint on the planet, and making shopping for second-hand clothes a new and exciting way to shop for clothes.


Introducing the e-commerce channel!

Within just one year after the last lockdown order was lifted, Passii successfully achieved the goal of transforming into a data-driven, digital company while eliminating the chaos and fragility of the post-pandemic market to connect with stakeholders in the best way possible.

Passii's e-commerce operations are supported by a robust data system in all business activities, optimizing decisions on pricing, payment, and product classification as well as enhancing the customer experience when shopping for second-hand clothes online.

to be continued  

There is no second planet

So choose second-hand

Thank you for joining the movement